Havana, Sunday 26 de April de 2015 05:43 am

JetBlue Airways interested in operating in Cuba

The recent visit to Cuba by the president and main executive of the US JetBlue airways company, Robin Hayes, indicates ongoing efforts to legalize direct flights between the United States and Cuba next year, according to US publications.

New York Trade Mission to Cuba reaches unprecedented accords


The recent visit to Cuba by a trade mission from the US State of New York, headed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, yielded two bilateral accords in the area of health and opened doors for further collaboration.

Six Cuban hotels nominated to World Travel Awards

Six Cuban hotels nominated to World Travel Awards

Six Cuban hotels were nominated to the 2015 World Travel Awards, which acknowledge the excellence of tourist services and are considered the Oscar awards of tourism.

Cuban and Bahamian Tourism Ministers meet in Havana


Cuba´s Tourism minister Manuel Marrero held an official meeting in Havana with his Bahamian counterpart Obediah Wilchcome on opportunities offered by the Caribbean multi-destination for the two countries.

Spain looking for business in Cuba, says Trade Secretary

Jaime García-Legaz, Secretary of State for Trade of Spain, said his country looks to reinforce its presence in Cuba in tourism, construction and renewable energy sectors.

Spanish trade mission visits Cuba

A 45-member Spanish trade mission is visiting Cuba in search of new opportunities to expand bilateral commercial relations.

US CheapAir company announces direct flights to Cuba

The US CheapAir Company has announced the sale of tickets as of Wednesday, April 15, for direct flights to Cuba from the cities of New York, Tampa and Miami.

Cuba and Spain to Try to Find New Business Opportunities


Cuba and Spain will progress in the strengthening and diversification of their economic relations, on the occasion of the visit to the island that Jaime Garcia-Legaz, Secretary of State for Trade of the Iberian nation, will make this week.

US tourist agency will connect Orlando and Havana cities in July

A US tourist company will begin offering direct charter flights from Orlando City, Florida, to Havana following the ease of travel restrictions for US citizens as a result of the rapprochement between Cuba and the U.S.

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