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Hurricane season starts in Atlantic basin

Characterized by not being very active, the hurricane season in the Atlantic basin, including the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, starts today and will run until November 30.

Cuba No Longer on U.S. List of States Sponsoring Terrorism

The U.S. government removed Cuba from the list of states sponsoring international terrorism, according to an official note by the State Department.

US continues to encourage illegal departures from Cuba despite thaw

Despite current efforts towards the future normalization of bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba, the US´s dry-wet feet law continues to encourage dangerous and illegal departures of Cuban citizens to the US.

Withdrawal of Cuba from US blacklist on countdown in Washington

The countdown to withdraw Cuba from the US list of countries sponsor of international terrorism is running in Washington as Friday marks the deadline for the Congress to issue a resolution that could oppose the presidential decision.

Growing Support in U.S Congress for Blockade Lifting

Growing Support in U.S Congress for Blockade Lifting

There is growing bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress for bills that lift restrictions to travel and agricultural trade with Cuba, asserted in Havana the Democrat senator for the state of New Mexico, Tom Udall.

Spanish Congress Speaker will visit Cuba in September

The speaker of the Spanish Congress Jesus Posada is planning to pay a visit to Cuba in early September.

Cuba and Rumania sign visa exemption accord

Cuba and Rumania sign visa exemption accord

As part of commemorations for the 55 anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations, Cuba and Rumania signed a visa exemption accord in Havana.

Ulises Rosales del Toro Heads Cuban Delegation to Guyana

The Vice-president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, Ulises Rosales del Toro, heads the Cuban delegation participating in the inaugural ceremony of the del recently elected government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, headed by Brigadier David Arthur Granger.

Salvador Sanchez Receives Diaz-Canel

Salvador Sanchez Receives Diaz-Canel

Salvadoran president Salvador Sanchez met on Friday afternoon with Cuban First Vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel, who visited the country to participate in the beatification of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Oman and Cuba willing to expand bilateral cooperation

Oman´s foreign minister Yousef bin Alawi bin Abdullah expressed the willingness of that sultanate to keep expanding cooperation with Cuba in different areas, particularly in health and agriculture.

A Visit to Cuba would be a Great Pleasure for Obama

A Visit to Cuba would be a Great Pleasure for Obama

A visit to Cuba will give President Barack Obama great pleasure and especially Havana, asserted at a press conference in Washington the spokesman of the White House, Josh Earnest.

Colombian Santos reinforces peace negotiating team with Foreign Minister

As a new round of peace talks between the Colombian guerrilla and the government kicked off in Havana on Thursday, President Juan Manuel Santos announced that foreign minister Maria Angela Holguin and a renowned business man will reinforce the official delegation in an effort to step up the peace process.

Cuban Interest Section in D.C. reestablishes full consular services

Cuban Interest Section in D.C. reestablishes full consular services

The Cuban Interest Section in Washington D.C. announced the resumption of its banking services, which will guarantee the normal performance of that entity and will allow offering full consular services.

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