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Modern Biofertilizers Plant in Santiago de Cuba

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SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Aug 20 (acn) A modern biofertilizers plant is built in Santiago de Cuba province, with an investment nearly five million pesos and technology developed by the Cuban Research Institute of Sugarcane Derivatives.

The facility, located in Dos Rios sugar mill, in the municipality of Palma Soriano, is at almost 60 percent of its implementation and installation of 18 working objects that will allow manufacturing three important bioproducts for the benefit of agribusiness.

Those elements are Nitrofix biofertilizer, used as a fixative of atmospheric nitrogen; the hormone Bioenraíz that regulates plant growth, and Cluticid, a pests and diseases folear antifungal controller.

According to Luis Ovidio la O, technical adviser of the work, there is a similar plant in Quivican, Mayabeque province, but the one in Santiago de Cuba is very modern, with less biohazard and accentuated care of the environment.

A brigade of the Industrial Technical Service Company provides specialized spaces such as the bioproducts producing premises, the tank of honey supplying raw materials and the systems for wastewater and raw water treatment, among others .

The plant is more profitable due to the proximity to Dos Rios sugar mill, leading provider of components, saving financial resources in respect of road and rail transportation.

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