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Bolivia Willing to Increase Cultural Exchanges with Cuba

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Bolivia Willing to Increase Cultural Exchanges with CubaHAVANA, Cuba, May 7 (acn) Palmiro Soria, Bolivia's ambassador in Cuba, expressed the interest of his government to increase cultural exchanges with Cuba.

In statements to ACN, regarding the participation of his nation at ¨Mayo Teatral¨ event, organized by Casa de las Americas from May 16 to 25 , Soria said he hopes the two Bolivian groups involved to satisfy Cubans in their presentations in Havana.

He said that a window has been opened between Bolivia and Cuba through which much culture of his homeland must move, which has been associated just with popular party and the diverse indigenous multinational panorama, but it also has other universal manifestations such as theater and dance.

Soria stated that one of his dreams is to bring Cuba the Indigenous Chamber Orchestra, which is very strong, with old unique soloists by their quality and music by native authors with symphonic arrangements.

The group ¨Teatro de los Andes¨ was founded in 1991 and brings Havana the play ¨Hamlet de los Andes, ¨a free version of the William Shakespeare's classic contextualized today, in a play that opens itself to a reading beyond the scene and involves the public and actors.

Kiknteatr, the other Bolivian group, proposes another version of a text by Shakespeare-Romeo and Juliet of Aramburo- which includes the conflict of young lovers in Bolivian, Latin American and urban reality.

This group is distinguished by its high artistic level, innovation and boldness and in the last three years it has been focused on a search of crossed languages between performing arts, performance, visual arts and new technologies, on a conceptual Andean basis.

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