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Cuba: Number of People with Diabetes Doubles in a Decade

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Cuba: Number of People with Diabetes Doubles in a DecadeCuba, Nov 14 (acn) The number of Cubans suffering from diabetes has doubled in 10 years, according to the Statistical Yearbook Health at the end of 2012, published by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health.

The report states that despite the fact that Cuba has a national program for the care of people with diabetes, from the Primary Health Care system, over half a million people are suffering from the disease, and the highest incidence is in the age group 60-64.

The Cuban program includes classes and lectures, tests, care for women before and during the gestational period. There are Endocrinology consultations in every hospital and clinic throughout the country.

According to Doctor Ileydis Iglesias, in an interview with Prensa Latina news agency, the prevalence rate of the disease increases due to risk factors as obesity, low levels of physical activity and kind of food consumed.

Cuba marks today the Diabetes World Day with a series of activities such as walks, forums and conferences. The Day commemorates the birth of Frederick Banting, Nobel laureate noted as the primary discoverer of insulin.

There are 371 million diabetics in the world, and the disease is considered one of the greatest health challenges nowadays, according to the International Federation of Diabetes

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