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Cuban Cooperative Shows High Efficiency in production

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CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Feb 12 (acn) The Paquito González agricultural cooperative in Ciego de Avila had a profit of nearly 7.5 million pesos, the highest income after more than three decades of its creation.

This economic efficiency was due to their workers organization; they receive bonuses depending on the final outputs, their sense of belonging and an excellent direction.

This working group is among the leaders in the sector in Cuba for the food contribution to the people and their financial profits , according to Hanoi Medina Sanchez, member of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the province.

They produced at about 180 million pounds of root vegetables, vegetables, grains and fruits, as well as cow milk, pigs and livestock, obtaining 4,4 million pesos to be distributed among the workers.

There were several workers receiving more than 25000 pesos, including the advance salary, the final profit and stimulation by labor permanence, told José Carlos González, President of the entity.

This institution, based in a large agricultural pole next to La Cuba agricultural farm and three other agricultural cooperatives of Baragua municipality, was the largest producer of corn for pigs, and beans as import substitution in the province.

Its workers hold the local record of over 117 200 quintals of potatoes per hectare and now are responsible for providing tomato seed for Ciego de Avila and other territories, a product with high prices in foreign markets .

They were the first in the province who used science to improve efficiency by using protected vegetable cropping, and also experienced producers in the practice of agroecological techniques .

This entity served as a model for the beginning in Ciego de Avila the ongoing process of renewal and ratification of mandates in the sector, which has 142 agricultural cooperatives.

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